Blogging Tips for Beginners

blogging tips for beginnersSo you have decided to give it go on your very own blog, huh? Of course the first thing you are going to need is very helpful and informative list of blogging tips for beginners.

If you are like me, it seems that when you embark on a new Google quest in trying to find information for something you are new at, there is a plethora of info for people at the intermediate level, but not very much all for those who are at the easy or advanced levels. The reason for this is that more people exist at the medium levels for pretty much everything. This is why we are writing this post on blogging tips for beginners – so let’s get started.

Write About Sustainable Blogging Topics

When we talk about blogging topics that are sustainable, there are actually three different elements of sustainable. The very first sustainable element pertains to your interest in the topic. Unless you have a great interest in the topic you select, you will get very tired of writing about it. Trust me on this, I have tried to blog about “profitable niches” that later bored me to tears. So after a while, I simply stopped.

You have to realize that you will need to add content frequently and regularly. As far as how regular, that depends on who you ask. Personally, I think you should create at least 4-5 new blog posts every week. You want the bots from the major search engines camping out on your blog’s doorstep waiting for the next piece of content – and posting daily is the way to get them there.

The second element of sustainable is whether or not there is enough content available about your topic to sustain posting daily to your blog. Let’s face us, some topics are very limited. Of course, this can also depend on how broad your topic is. For instance, you could write about different golf balls – which would be very limited – or you could write about golf, which is very broad. The best approach is to start broad and narrow it later. It is a little hard to do the other way around.

The third element of sustainable is the marketing and monetization element. Most people who start blogs would like to eventually start earning money from it. Thus, your topic needs to be easily monetized. Some people think that as long as there is plenty of content available out there for your topic (ie – the second element of sustainable), that it will be easily monetized. This is a false assumption. For instance, it is hard to make a decent profit from writing about current news topics, there is plenty of it to write about, but it is very hard to make any profit from news events.

Write About Something You Are Very Knowledgeable About

In most cases, the things you are knowledgeable about are where your gift lies. You obviously have an interest in it – otherwise, you wouldn’t be knowledgeable about it in the first. And most likely this would be a topic that you can break down easily in to several subtopics – more on this later.

One of the most important things about the topic you choose to blog about is that you stay current and up to date on the field or market. You must know who the major players are and what they are talking about. As you create and structure your blog posts, you need to reference the big players and link to their posts.

One of the most important of these blogging tips for beginners is to find ways for your readers to look upon you as an authority in your topic. One of the quickest ways to do this is by demonstrating a high level of knowledge in a given topic.

Extend the Online Presence of your Blog into Social Media

Most people today call this branding, but after you have picked a name for your blog, the first thing you need to do is create accounts on all the major social media sites using your new blog name. After you get a logo designed for your blog, then go back and post your new logo on all your social media accounts.

Your goals on social media is to follow the big players in your niche on there, post about new content on your blog, build your following, and engage with everyone. Next you will want to be aware of the major conversations that are taking place on social media about your niche. Ensure that you participate in these discussions – even a little bit. Doing so will increase your authority and gradually increase your status in the view of others.

A word of warning about social media – you can easily bury yourself in that world and spent all your time there. Do not fall into this trap. Limit your time spent there to no more than 30 minutes every day. There are free tools out there that can help you manage this. For instance, there are word press plugins that will automatically post update to your social media account every time you create a new post – without even logging into those accounts.

Break Your Blog’s Topic into Sub-Topics

If your topic does not have subtopics, then I suggest you change your topic. The beauty about subtopics is they make you focus whenever you create a new blog post. The golden rule about content is that general topics will get more traffic, but less conversions or sales. Specific topics get far less traffic, but much more conversions and sales.

As we list these blogging tips for beginners, we have to point out that most beginning bloggers want to stay general because they want more traffic. This is a common mistake made by newbies. The fact is that specific content will get fewer visitors, but those visitors are much more serious about the content. They will respond to any call to action that you offer them.

Think of it this way. Suppose you write an article about the housing marketing in general and how to go about getting a home loan. And then at the end of the article you offer readers a chance to buy your guide on “How to Buy an Apartment in Downtown New York”.

Now what if you instead wrote an article about living in downtown New York and what other apartment owners have to say about living there. And you offer these readers a chance to buy your guide. Do you think this article would sell more of your guides? Yes, it would. But there’s another important point here.

Whenever people who are looking to buy apartments in New York begin their Google search, what kinds of search terms will they use? Very specific ones – none of which will have anything to do with your first article about the housing market in general. So it is very unlikely they will even find your guide – even though it is something they need. This is why it pays to be specific.

Your new blog should have about 4-5 subtopics (or categories). From this point, you can be even more specific within each subtopic.


As you can see, starting a new blog does require some thought. But if you follow these blogging tips for beginners, then you should do just fine.

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Smart Social Media Monitoring

smart social media monitoringIf you have been involved in internet marketing at all over the last few years, then you have undoubtedly heard the term social media monitoring. We all know that it just makes sense to listen first to a conversation before jumping into it with your two cents worth. Smart social media monitoring is the very same thing when you get right down to it.

Yet there are lots of brand and niche marketers out there who apparently are not aware of this analogy. They don’t seem to realize exactly this monitoring is – much less what smart social media monitoring is.

Social Media Monitoring is Really Just Listening

Whenever we listen to conversations online, we can do this without ears. We can now use search engine technology and also certain social media tools to scan the web as we seek out documents that have our chosen keywords. When these documents are made available, we can observe where individuals have talked about and mentioned your product, your brand, your services, or anything else you selected.

What this method does is alert you as to which blogs and websites are attracting the people who are talking about you or mentioning your products and services. You have to realize that these conversations are taking place with or without your knowing about it.

Lots of Social Media Monitoring Costs Nothing

The quickest and simplest way to begin monitoring the social media channels is by signing up for the free tools and services. You can get Google Alerts search for your chosen keywords or key phrases just like you’d do during regular searches, and then it will notify you anytime something is found on the Internet for your search terms. You can also subscribe to email updates for your search results or even add those to your current RSS subscriptions.

And then there is Twitter when you can for mentions about your brand and services. This will give you a real-time look at any ongoing conversations.

As with other things in life, the biggest drawback to using free monitoring tools is all the manual work you’ll need to do in order to get the benefit. There are several paid monitoring services that will quickly and easily collect all those mentions and conversations and put them into a well-organized report. They will provide various graphs and charts for quick analysis.

One huge advantage to many of these paid services is the ability they have to assess sentiment and also the conversational tone by using high tech algorithms which evaluate natural language. So what happens is whenever you log on to your service, you see information that might tell you that there were 225 conversations that mentioned your brand over the past week, and out of those conversation, 87% were positive, 8% were negative and the remaining 5% were neutral.

Build your Business with Smart Monitoring

You should not consider smart media monitoring as being limited to mitigating online adversaries. The fact is that when you take the time to analyze the conversations going on about not only your company, but you can also monitor your entire market – including your competitors. This will give you an amazing market advantage and will even drive your business and will it grow bigger and bigger.

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5 Basic Types of Social Media Headlines

basic types of social media Whenever we sit down to create a nice piece of content, we learned in a previous post that we really need to pay attention to our headlines – especially when we share that content on our accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

But did you know that there are five (5) basic types of social media headlines. So let is look more deeply at these different kinds of headlines:

  1. News Headlines — This is especially true when we are reporting a piece of popular breaking Your objective is to generate some buzz around some juicy gossip, and let your readers know what is going on at the moment. The fact is that breaking news travels across social media even faster than traditional news channels. In fact, news on social sites makes news agencies appear slow and dated. However, the biggest drawback of sharing this type of content is that it is not evergreen. In most cases, the peak of traffic received from a breaking news post occurs on the day you share it.
  2. Setting Goal Headlines—This kind of headline is one that provides a better or new way to accomplish a goal, and to become even be more wealthy, more powerful, more attractive, and so forth. Look at the covers of magazines at any newsstand for lots of examples of this type of headline. Magazines writers are masters of this.
  3. Solving Problem Headlines—The other side of the goal headlines is the trusty problem headline. Many marketers believe that fear sells much better than positive messages – most newspapers editors will wholeheartedly agree.
  4. How-to Headlines—This is where you share an effective tutorial, technique, formula or recipe that accomplishes something very beneficial. It is very similar to the goal headline, but is more specific in providing actual steps in creating something.
  5. Entertainment Headlines—Social media is slammed full of great entertainment. There we can funny videos, adorable pictures, gut splitting jokes or even links to failure events called “fails”. This kind of coffee break material is what really built up social media to what it is today.

If you look for a common denominator in all of these basic types of social media headlines, you will notice that they generate some sort of emotional response. And they end up triggering an emotional reaction in viewers. We must never forget that we wish to induce an action of some sort from our readers. This action could be anything from giving an “up” vote on your Reddit channel to purchasing a new online marketing course priced at $2000.

Emotional Response Triggers

For gaining maximum attention of your readers and getting them take some kind of action, you must understand their emotional triggers and hot buttons. For instance, would you know how to get them cry, laugh, or even scream at their computer screens? Here are actually some emotional triggers straight from Hollywood, which are designed to emotionally affect your audience.

  1. Boost and Slam—What are the absolute worst/best/most/least of all? Compare them and then contrast them.
  2. Laugh, Snigger, Cry—Learning to jerk on the heartstrings of your readers will always be effective. This particularly true whenever you combine cheer, weep, and snigger.
  3. Anger and Outrage—Listen to talk hosts on TV or radio who have mastered the use of this trigger.
  4. Fear, Scams, and Pending Disasters—Generate some disgust and fears – then get some clicks.
  5. Sexy and Attractive—Sex always sells and always will.
  6. Us versus Them—Get your audience polarized and then get attention. Politics and religion are always good ways to get it going.
  7. Shock—Take your readers by surprise and present things that are outrageous.
  8. Curiosity—This is the process of getting readers to feel that they must read your content.
  9. Caught in the Act—Readers adore stories when elite people get nailed and caught doing something that is morally wrong or a crime – especially when the action goes against what that person stood for in public.
  10. Contrary and Contentious—Post challenges to ideas that have been accepted for generations. Attack deep-seated assumptions. Slay some sacred cows in the beliefs of others.

When you combine several of these emotional triggers along with one of these five (5) basic types of social media headlines, you will increase your chances of creating a partially viral post on social media.

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Creating Social Media Headlines That Readers Love

creating social media headlinesAs online marketers, many of us struggle in getting the clicks and the bookmarks we need on our posts and our articles? It could be that there is something that we could improve when it comes to your content and this might be where we are coming up short. In fact, the very best online writers are making the same mistake as well – so we shouldn’t feel bad.

Marketers Overlook the Obvious

This particular factor in our writing will actually require some extra effort to get it right, and yet it’s extremely so apparent that it gets overlooked. But if we think for just a minute and ask ourselves what our viewers see first see when they read our social media posts.

That’s right, you guessed correctly. It is our headlines.

If we fail to write a compelling headline, then there is no way that we are going to attract the attention of new readers, and our blog posts will not circulate as quickly either.

But if we take the take to craft a great headline that kicks ass, then we are going to get many more clicks, lots more bookmarks, and our dedicated readers will be eager to share our content with all of their friends and loved ones.

Writing Compelling Headlines

Here is a drill for you. Go back and read the headline of your most recent article which you felt that you wrote very well. In fact, why not read several of them? And then evaluate them based on the following criterion.

  • Does the headline grab your attention?This is the very first element when it comes to creating a headline for our awesome posts and articles. Our headlines have to grab the attention of potential readers among all the noise that our society cranks out on a nonstop basis.
  • Will the headline attract the right audience?The fact is that we humans are mostly driven by our own self-interests and our minds are programed to scan information for messages that pertain to us specifically. Therefore, our headlines must target the group of people that we desire to read our content. It is okay if others want to read it as well, but we must ensure that our target audience has an interest in reading it.
  • Is your headline specific? When we write specific headlines, they have proven to be more effective in getting the attention of others. Not only that, they are notorious for building instant belief and trust in readers because they demonstrate knowledge about the topic. Vague and generic headlines tend to be more untrustworthy. So instead of saying “enjoy profitable results”, we should say “how I got an 87.2% boost in profits with this simple method.”
  • Does your headline illicit curiosity in your potential reader?Have you determined ahead of time exactly what is going to get readers to take notice but also to take action as well? When you have figured this out, then you need to weave this into your new headline. This will give readers a very reason to read beyond the headline and consume your entire blog post, and it all begins with generating curiosity. What is effective is generating a sense of feeling incomplete within potential readers, and they must read the post to get answers.
  • Does your headline promise powerful benefits?All great headlines points out the big benefits of reading the article. There must be a big payoff in the end. Readers have to discover exactly what they stand to gain from your information.


Creating social media headlines that readers love is a skill that every online content writer needs to develop. It will pay off handsomely in the long run.

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3 Major Benefits of Video Marketing

3 major benefits of video marketingIf you are an online marketer or if you run a traditional business, then you should be harvesting the power of videos. In fact there are 3 major benefits of video marketing that anyone with a product, service, or even a cause could put to use online right away.

Video Marketing is King

It is quite amazing how video has taken the Internet by storm and for good reason. People love to watch them. And if you have been paying attention to YouTube these days, there are thousands of monster channels that are getting literally millions of views every month.

These massive YouTube channels are earning an outrageous living online with their videos. If this isn’t evidence enough that videos are not powerful agents of marketing, then you need to look again at what is happening with video.

3 Major Benefits of Video Marketing

Okay let us examine specifically about video that makes it so special. Actually, we could go on and on about the major benefits of video marketing, but I narrowed it down to three (3) basic advantages that online marketers get from their videos.

1.Video Engages More Human Senses

Whenever we humans consume new information and data, there is rate at which that new information is forgotten – and also a percentage that we remember. These rates are very dependent on how we have received that information.

Someone may tell us about the information in a presentation or conversation. Or we might read about it in an article or publication. The rates will differ between these two methods.

However, studies have shown that the more senses we engage in our learning, the most likely we are to remember what we have learned. This is huge benefit of video marketing. It allows us to utilize more human senses.

Not only that, we can use our images and messaging to create emotions and feelings in our viewers. We can even establish rapport with them. These feelings that our viewers experience while watching our videos greatly increase the chance of them responding favorably to our specific calls to action.

2.Video Massively Extends your Online Market

As online marketers and businesses, many of us spend lots of time and money trying to improve the rankings of our blogs and webpages. We go to great lengths to get our target keywords and phrases as far up the search engine ranking as we possibly can. For lots of us, our rankings represent the lifeblood of our businesses.

However, when create and publish videos, you are entering into another powerful search engine. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And unless you create videos, your business is not getting any traffic from YouTube.

This is an incredible advantage for video marketing. Not only can your video get ranked in Google, it can also get ranked in YouTube as well. This is why video channels get so popular and get so many views – they are getting traffic from the two biggest search engines on the planet.

3.Videos are both Compatible and Loved by Social Media Channels

As if the first two (2) major benefits of video marketing weren’t enough, videos are also embraced by the major social media networks. This means that a great video which people liked is going to get shared in a big way.

If you are an innovative video creator and can crank a few of them out every single week, then you only need one video to just go partially viral every few months. This would be enough to earn you a great living from here on out.


Now that you have learned the three (3) major benefits of video marketing, you should start getting your business out there and published on YouTube. Even if you do not have the means to create them at the moment, you should create a channel anyway and get someone on Fiverr to make a few videos for you. Posting one every few months will help you at least get some new traffic to your blog or website.

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Discovering Some of the Most Helpful Social Media Marketing Articles Available

social media marketing articlesBecause social media methods are so helpful for marketers today, we have decided to find some very helpful social media marketing article and put them in one convenient place. Any business that is not taking advantage of the marketing benefits offered by social media is most likely falling behind their competitors. If they haven’t yet, then they will be soon.

The social network channels that are available to us today are quite amazing. Never before have we seen at time when businesses have such an amazing opportunity to brand who they are. And if this isn’t amazing enough, these tools are totally free of charge. Huge receptive audiences can be quickly built by virtually anyone.

Let us check out some of the most helpful social media marketing articles available in the market today.

The 15 Best Social Media Marketing Blog Posts of 2017

AdEspresso has done the honor of collecting a great selection of blog posts from 2017. These blog posts are in their opinion, the very best from last year. In this best of articles, we see everything from a lazy way to conduct keyword research, to best practices myths, how to make content more sharable, and even how to make your posts more visibly appealing.

There is something from this list that all of us can use. That is what makes this list so valuable. In all likelihood that you will find lots of good stuff that will improve your social media presence.

2017 Social Media Demographics (Infographic)

If you for some reason, you did not find value from the previously mentioned post, then you will definitely find value with this post. This will provide data that is very critical for marketers to know in regards to what options are available to them. This is information that all marketers and business need to know.

This blog post provides some amazingly informative data about all of the major social media platforms. It is very handy if you are still trying to decide which social channel to start utilizing. This infographic breaks down the coverage of each social network.

The Types of Social Media Content that You Need to Create

If you are really serious about using the power of social media and you want to extend your brand on these channels, then you must read this extremely helpful blog post. Rebekah Radice describes for us all the kinds of content that we can use on social media. And then she tells us the best ways to present the content.

This information is particular handy to have when you struggle with what to post on your social media accounts. Rebekah’s excellent post can serve as a reference and reminder as to what you should be posting. I recommend you bookmark this post for future reference and also subscribe to her blog – it is well worth reading.

social media marketing methods17 Things That Indie Authors and Writers can Share on Social Media in 2017

In today’s publishing landscape, we are seeing more and more indie writers who are publishing their own work. And we are seeing this happening in every single writing genre. Both fiction writers and non-fiction writers are doing self-publishing.

This blog post is very helpful for those of you who are self-publishing or thinking about jumping into self-publishing. Social media helps indie writers about as much as they help anyone. There are many ways that writers of all kinds can utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and so forth. This blog post identifies several of them.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: How Can it Make Your Life Easier?

If you enjoy following the latest trends and marvels in science and technology, then you should definitely read this blog post. This post goes into great detail about the kinds of things that are coming into the digital marketing landscape.

It talks about how markets are now being segmented more than they ever had. It also discusses things like semantic analysis which is already being used by marketers. There is even a brief discussion about things like bots and chatbots.

The No. 1 Killer of Social Media Success

This blog post is a very interesting and informative read. It reminds us of how our social media channels could be a negative force in our lives if we are not careful. We need to keep things in perspective.

All of us should reviews information like this periodically because we can stray off the track occasionally. It is recommended that you get this a read as soon as possible.

Why Use Pinterest?

If you have been contemplating about using Pinterest, then you must read this blog post. This post discusses why all marketers should be using the power of Pinterest, the argument provided is very compelling.

The post talks about how Pinterest can be extremely leveraged to increase the traffic to your blog or website. I can personally attest to the power of Pinterest. I have a very powerful Pinterest channel that funnels lots of web traffic to one of my other blogs.

5 Ways that Social Media can Improve your SEO

This blog post addresses a topic that is near and dear to most every online marketer, and that is SEO. Many people out there tend to overlook this aspect of using social media sites. If you use it properly, these channels can boost the power of your SEO.

If you are want to see some great examples of this, then you need to read this blog post. It is one the best social media marketing articles you will find these days.

Top 7 Social Media Tips of 2017

Here is another blog post that provides some wonderful social media methods you can immediately begin using. In my opinion, you can never get enough of this tips because you are bound to find something you can begin using.

Sometimes you can find one of these social networking tips that are a real game changer for you. It often times depends on what your objectives are and what you are trying to achieve.

Social Media Platform Stats from 2017 (Infographic)

Here is yet another set of stats that will tell you how the major social media sites fared during 2017. I personally think information like this is very helpful to know about. Whenever you are thinking about running a social media campaign, it is always good to know that facts about each of them.

I encourage you to review this handy data that this infographic provides.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Here is one the most helpful blog posts you will find about social media. This post lays out exactly what is required to draft and create a social media marketing plan. The fact is that most online marketers do not have one of these, but yet all of them need one very badly,

One of these plans will tell you what you need to be doing every single day on social media. When you draft a plan ahead of time, it removes a lot of confusion and keeps you focused in the heat of the battle. And this is very important.

I hope you have enjoyed these wonderful social media marketing articles as much as I have.


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4 Blog SEO Tips That Pay Off Big in the Long Run

blog SEO tipsAs we bloggers create consumable content for our reader, it is very helpful to learn new and effective blog SEO tips that will enhance our search engine rankings. The good news is that we can develop effective new habits and processes will keep our content relevant for our targeted audience.

Many of these new blogging SEO tips are very straightforward and easy to implement. Therefore, we should strive to employ them whenever we create exciting new posts for a blogs. SEO blog writing is something that all of us can begin doing more effectively.

4 SEO Tips for Bloggers

Strategically Focus on 1-2 Keywords

The first of these basic blog SEO tips is to focus on the right keyword for your new blog post. A great approach is to find a solid keyword phrase or two that is competitive and then convert it into a long tail keyword. For instance, you might take the phrase “content writing” and target “using content writing strategically in your blog posts”.

This gives you both short term and long term possibilities in terms of rankings and future traffic. You should be able to rank for your long tail keyword very quickly, and then possible rank for the competitive keyword in the future.

Understand the Intent of your Keyword

You always need to conduct an online search for your target keyword(s) – not the long tail version of your keyword phrase; you want to assess the base version of your targeted phrase.

You need to do this for a few reasons. The first reason is that you need to find out more about the content you will be competing against. You want to know evaluate what the content from the search term is delivering to the audience. This tells you how the search engine interprets what people are searching for and what people are expecting to see.

Knowing this intent will tell you what issues need to be addressed in your content. Take note of the problems and issues that are being targeted. If your content will solve a terrible problem, then you should have no trouble getting traffic.

Evaluating your competition

You need to know all about the top ranking content and blog posts for your targeted keyword phrases. For starters, you must find out how many words exist in the top ranking content. This gives you an idea of how big your blog post needs to be.

Secondly, you need to know what the keyword densities are for the top ranking blog posts. This will also let you know what your keyword density needs to be. A good and solid SEO blog post should strive to write content that is just a little larger than the top ranking content – and it should have just a little bit higher keyword density as well (but not too much higher).

Discover other keywords that the top ranking content is ranking for

Sometimes this information is harder to get as you often need a service like Ahrefs. However, if you can find out what other organic keywords that top ranking content is currently ranking for, then you have a great battle plan for ranking your new content.

These additional keywords will tell which secondary key phrases to target and use in your content. These phrases are also ideal for things like anchor text from backlinks, alt text for images, and so forth. At the very least, you should sprinkle them liberally throughout your blog post.


The great thing about these blog SEO tips is that you have direct control over all of them. This means that you can start putting them to use immediately. Good luck in your SEO strategies and methods.

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3 Effective SEO Techniques that Will Stand the Test of Time

best SEO techniquesIn order to maintain our current search engine optimization rankings, we need to keep abreast of the latest SEO techniques. In fact, doing so is necessary and vital to our overall success online.

Those of us that have been involved in performing various search engine optimization techniques over the last decade or so might feel a little hesitant from our past experiences.

Remember those days when we used to exchange reciprocal links with other webmasters? And then after that, we used submit article after article to all those thousands of articles directories? And before we knew it, these methods were dead.

Staying Current of the Most Effective SEO Techniques

Over time, we realize that we need to devote our efforts exclusively to those SEO methods that can stand the test of time. This has become one of the most reliable of SEO fundamentals. It does not matter which SEO niches or markets that we seek to rank for, our methods need to be strong and robust.

Obviously, we must emulate the SEO techniques that the most successful marketers are currently doing. And it is important to stress that these need to be the marketers who have enjoyed success for several years – and not the ones who are succeeding today and are gone tomorrow. There are some out there who have learned to be a SEO profiler, yet they do not know what it takes to remain on top.

3 SEO Methods that will always Be Around

Keep Your Content Updated

SEO methodsOne of the most reliable and best SEO techniques out there is keeping your online content updated. If you enter most any search term in a major search engine, you will notice that most of the results come from websites with current content.

The links at the top are almost always no more than a few years old. This is a huge clue for those of us who want to maintain our current SERPS or are striving to improve our existing rankings.

The good news is that there are several things we can do to update our current content. Let us examine some of the best ways to update SEO stories and posts.

1.Ensure that the content is still relevant

If your content is no longer relevant or addresses current issues, then no one will read the content or visit your site – regardless of how well it is written. Our content must have a strong purpose to entire readers. It needs to either solve problems or entertain our readers. Content that is dated does not accomplish either of those goals.

Thus, you must ensure that your post can still serve the same purpose that it was originally intended to fulfill. If it doesn’t, then no one will click on your link and read your post.

2.Ensure that your links are still in place

Whenever we post content on our blogs and websites, we must link out to other pages to share and obtain popularity and authority. We not only need to link to other pages on our own sites in order to spread link juice around, we also need to link to other sites within our market that have high authority.

We must ensure that we are not linking to low ranking, low authority sites. In addition, we need to ensure that none of our links are broken and that the sites we are linking to are still as authoritative as they were. Also, you need to ensure that the authority site is still current as well. Otherwise, you should link to another authority site.

3.Add more words

In order to increase and enhance the SEO methods you used in the past to obtain your existing SERPS, updating your blog posts is the optimal way to go about achieving that. The quickest way to freshen up your existing content is to add more verbiage to your older posts.

If you are not sure how many words to add, then you should check out the other pages that are ranking for your given search terms. Find out how many words the other ranking websites have used. Also, you need to find out the existing keyword densities with those webpages. Now all you need to do is exceed what the others have done.

4.Add new images or videos

A very quick SEO technique you can use to freshen up the content on your website is by adding new media. Find some new photos or a new video to add to your existing blog post. Use new LSI keywords as an alternative label on your new media.

One very effective way to accomplish this goal is to add a powerful new infographic. You could then post this new media on your social media channels to increase the authority and popularity of your blog post.

Ensure your site loads as quickly as possible

SEO marketing strategiesOne of the SEO factors that have become very important in a subtle way over the years is the speed at which our website loads. You have to understand that if your website loads quickly, you do not get more consideration from the search engines. It’s actually the opposite of that. A slow website will get punished in the rankings.

Therefore, it is important that you understand how well your website loads for its viewers. The tool I like to use to assess the loading speeds of my blogs and websites is GTMetrix. It is a free tool that will give you a grade on how well your site loads. It will also give you lots of suggestions as to how you can fix loading problems with your blog or site.

One of the most basic ways to enhance the speed of your WordPress blog is by using certain free plugins that help your blog operate more quickly and efficiently. Let us examine a few of those plugins:

W3 Total Cache – This is a great plugin that will enable caching (and minifying) on your blog which will enhance its loading performance. Whenever visitors come back to your blog, various parts of your website will have been saved on their local browser to allow your site to load faster.

WP – This plugin reduces the size of images on your site which facilitates their loading and displaying.

WP Optimize – This plugin streamlines your entire WordPress blog. It removes needless post revisions, drafts, and other things that slow down your blog’s loading speeds.

Stay Visible on Authority Sites in your Niche

Here is one of the best SEO techniques around and will always be relevant in the future. The first step here is to identity all the authority sites and the influential people in your market or niche.

The second step is to go to their blogs, websites, and social media accounts and become a regular contributor. You have to make intelligent and credible comments on those sites. Do not spam them – give them you best efforts. Educate yourself in your market and share quality information on these authority sites.

The third step is to write a few great high quality articles (or pay someone to write them). Now look for one of these sites to let you place a quest post on one of their blogs. This will take some time and effort, and you will most likely get some rejection in the beginning. But keep trying because once you break through, you will get more and more opportunities.

What happens over time is that when you are seen commenting and taking part in popular conversations with influential people and on authoritative sites, then you slowly become seen as an authority yourself. It will always work if you persevere.


If you carry out these 3 SEO techniques consistently, then you will enjoy powerful search engine rankings for many years into the future.

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How to Market Your Business Online

how to market your business onlineSo you started your very own business and you want to learn how to market your business online. The good news is that you can promote your brand online for very little cost, other than your time. Or you could hire someone to do it for you.

However, if you really want to learn how to market your business online in the proper way, then there are some things that must be done. We are talking about things that will enhance your chances of deeply promoting your brand online. It really makes a big difference down the road if you go the extra mile at the beginning.

Nailing Down the Basics

Before we go blasting your brand all over the Internet, we need to ensure that you have the basics down first. For instance, do you have a mission statement and an objective? Does your website have an “About Us” page?

You must get very clear as to what your business is all about. You must define your business goals and objectives. If someone asks you about your business, then you need to have a quick statement of one or two sentences that describe who you are and why others should do business with you.

This is also call your elevator speech – meaning if someone asks you that question on an elevator and you only had a few floors ride to respond to the question Your answer needs to be both prompt and enticing. Yes, it will take some time to bang one out, but it is totally worth the effort.

Looking Your Best

Now that you have your mission statement and your goals, it now time to look your best. What we mean is that you need a good looking logo for your business and you need a slogan and tagline that is catchy. This is a critical step in discovering how to market your business online.

You also need a sharp looking website that accurately reflects your overall message and your services or products. Your website content needs to be broken down into bite-sized chunks with section headers and nice looking relevant images.

When you begin sending visitors to your website, you must make a great impression on them.

Basic Promotions

Your next step is to begin creating your social media profiles. As put them together, you want to include your mission statement and your tagline in the profile’s bio. You also need to include a link to your website’s home page.

You need to create a profile on all the major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Even if you do not plan to use all of them right away, you should create the accounts for both the backlink to your website and as a placeholder if you should use them in the future.

Now pick one or two of these social media platforms that you will place your focus. Now you need to start posting content everyday on those focus social media sites. Share great content from other people in your market as well.

And whenever you find interesting and funny things online, you should share those too on your social media accounts. This shows your audience that you are sincerely trying to share great content with them.

Also, you need to devote some time and effort in growing your audiences on your focus social media sites. Each social media platform is a little different in the ways to grow your following, find out what it takes to build your audience. Before long, you will find yourself becoming more influential in your niche.

Guest Posting

One last thing you can do that is very powerful is to generate posts for your big blogs in your market. This is one of the most effective ways on how to market your business online. A great post by you on a big time blog will grow your brand immensely. Make this your long term goal.

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Starting an Online Business the Right Way

Starting an Online Business the Right WaySo you have been thinking long and hard about starting an online business. And you’re about to pull the trigger, but you are not quite sure how to go about starting the process.

It is really pretty straightforward actually after you determine the service or products you intend to offer. You need to get very clear about what you will offer and figure out your angle – or your ‘unique selling proposition’ – USP for short.

Your Starting Budget

One factor that will determine your path is whether or not you have a budget to start with – and more importantly, how big is that budget?

Many marketers conduct the entirety of their online business through paid advertising, and many of them have done very well with that model. However, there is a learning curve that can get very expensive that comes with learning how to use online paid advertising.

On the other hand, it is very possible for those starting an online business to do it for less than $50. In fact, you could probably do it for much less than that.

There’s an old saying among online marketers that says “you’ll spend either your time or your money on your online business, so take your pick.” And they are not wrong when they say this.

Your Launching Platform

Now that you are clear about your objective, and you have established your starting budget, you need to determine a platform that will be your main online presence. For the majority of people, this is usually a blog or website. There are a few who launch from a social media entity like a Facebook page.

However, unless you already have a huge following on a social media platform, it is recommended that you begin with a website. This website is your base and where you will direct all of your future traffic. When you go about starting an online business, you need to have a focal point.

The first thing you will need to do is figure out what to call your business. Branding is very important these days, so try to make it something short and catchy. Secondly, you should craft a mission statement, a 30-50 word bio, and a short slogan or tagline.

Finally, you will need to get a nice logo designed. You can either design it yourself or get one done very inexpensively on Fiverr for $5-$15. Many people delay doing this at first, but I recommend you get it done from the start to strengthen your branding.

Your Domain and Hosting

Now you need to register a domain. I recommend you go to either Namecheap or Internetbs and get either a “.com”, “.net”, or a “.org”.  Personally, I like Internetbs because they provide free “Who is” service which blocks your registrar data.

Hopefully, you will be able to get the name you decided to call your business. Sometimes you will need to modify your domain name a little. For instance, if you call yourself the “Red Shoe Store” and it is already taken, then try something like “TheRedShoeStore” or “ARedShoeStore” or even “RedShoeStoreNow”. Don’t worry about the modification; it is not as important as you think, but you shouldn’t use any numbers or hyphens in your domain.

Next, you will need hosting. Never get your hosting and your domain from the same company. If you become unhappy with the hosting service, they will never let you move your domain to another company. Always keep them separate.

You should get your hosting with a company that has a long history and a good record of online time. I have used many of them and there are lots of good ones out there.

If you have never registered your domain or setup hosting, there are lots of great tutorials on YouTube that will show you how. In fact, most companies now have videos that show you how to use their service. Don’t worry if you are a non-techie, it’s pretty simple actually.

Your Online Presence

Now it is time to boost your brand. The best starting point is through social media. You now should create social media profiles on all of the main social media sites. As you make each profile, you need to include your mission statement, your slogan, and your logo. Finally, you need to post a link back to your website.


Now you have the main points about starting an online business, you are ready to begin your quest. As you can see, it is not that hard to start your online business, the hardest is promoting it and making your brand popular.

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