5 Ways to Ruin your Social Media Marketing

social media marketingThe internet today has dramatically changed when you compare it to even just a few years ago. It used to be we all focused on SEO and the power of backlinks we could get from others. In the end, our search engine ranking was the sole determinant of how much organic traffic we could attract to our sites. Now we have social media marketing available that has proven to be just as powerful at driving targeted traffic as SERPS.

Therefore, it behooves every online marketer to create some sort of social media presence. In fact, it is recommended that we establish at least one powerful channel on social media. In other words, pick one – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube – and then raise hell on that one channel and make it part of your online marketing brand.

The great news about social media marketing is that it is free to everyone. Therefore, this is why social media has become a behemoth in regards to finding large numbers of people online who share the same interests.

However, the drawback of social media traffic is that they have low attention spans compared to targeted organic traffic. Social media traffic is much harder to convert – you can get lots of clicks, but your bounce rates will go up dramatically.

5 Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

So now let us examine some of the mistakes that are commonly made with social media marketing.

1) We Spread Ourselves way too Thin

If you have ever deal with social media accounts at all, then you have already learned how time consuming they can be. If you really want to establish an effective social media channel, then you have to engage with your audience and establish a community there with your brand. This takes time to accomplish – you can’t half-ass these actions.

The problem is that when you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Instagram, it requires a tremendous amount of time to build your online brand properly. This is why most experts recommend you only focus on one channel – or maybe two. Some people simply hire someone to manage their social media.

2) Ignoring People on Your Channels

While there are effective tools out there to schedule the posting of content, there are none that can properly interact and engage with your followers. There is one thing for sure – when people make comments and feedback on your social media channels, they must be addressed. Not addressing social media is much worse that not even have social media marketing channels in the first place. DO NOT ignore your customer base!!

3) Talking more than you listen

This is basically a rule of human courtesy. Just like in real life, never forget that our creator gave us two ears and only one mouth. We are always better off listening to others more than talking to them. I don’t know about some people – it’s like they believe that if they can out talk the other people, then perhaps they don’t have to worry about hearing bad news. WRONG! It means that your audience and your customers will leave you forever if you don’t listen to their concerns. So don’t be a fool.

4) All Talk and No Plans

Many marketers fall into the trap of thinking they are killing it on social media when they are yacking with people on their channel and engaging with them. That is good, but at some point, there needs to be a purpose for your communication on there. After all, you are trying to run an online business.

5) All Strategy and No Talk

This is the exact opposite of the last one, sometimes we can be too businesslike and we need to loosen up and interact more with our audience in a human and personal way. Never forget, they need to see your human side occasionally because they need to relate to you before they can follow you.


It is recommended that all online marketers be mindful of these 5 pitfalls when we are engaging in social media marketing. We can’t forget that people are on social media to relax and have fun in personal way. Thus, when we attempt to promote our online business on there, we are intruding and disrupting what they are trying to accomplish – never forget this fact.

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