Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

managing multiple twitter accountsAre you presently in a quandary of managing multiple Twitter accounts? Or perhaps you want to build lots of accounts, but know how demanding it can be and are not sure if you want to take that step? The fact is that a lot of Twitter accounts – or lots of any social media accounts – will absolutely bury you. If you want to really give it a go and attempt managing multiple Twitter accounts, then you need some kick ass tools to help you.

The Headache of Several Accounts

Let me describe my situation. Presently, I have over 100 Twitter accounts for a combined total of over 1,000,000 followers and growing. Let me tell you, when you have this many followers, your tweets GET RESULTS. This time last year, I had less than 10,000 followers and a few dormant Twitter accounts which I was not working at all.

The nice thing about having a big following is that I not only get sales, but I GAIN around 3000 new followers every day while doing nothing!

A friend of mine had written a great book which is being published in the near future. Knowing I have an online marketing background, he asked for my help in promoting his book. This is when I decided to build a big Twitter following. It seemed like a good way to promote his book.

Now, these accounts have grown and are providing a nice source of income for me. Here’s how I set my system up:

The first thing you have to do is figure out a way to supply good content to all your Twitter accounts. If you have several accounts, you need great Twitter management tools to do this for you. I tried several Twitter tools for this, but wasn’t pleased at all with most of them.

I found the solution

Finally, I discovered Social Oomph. This service was the answer. Managing multiple Twitter accounts has never been easier.

Social Oomph – Discover how to manage hundreds of Twitter accounts easily and effortlessly.

As far as delivering content and promoting links, Social Oomph does it all for me. I have three types of content that is delivered automatically to all of my Twitter accounts.

The first type of content I use are quotes. Quotes have always been a great source of content for Twitter. What I did was collect around 40,000 quotes into a text file. The Social Oomph system lets you set up “Queues”, which are reservoirs of content. Each Queue delivers the next line of text (next quote in this case) to the account I designate, at the time intervals I designate. I can point a given Queue to any or all of my accounts if I choose – I can even have the system pick an account at random for a specific group!

After the quote is posted, you can have the system cycle that quote back to the end again – for endless posting.

The second type of content I use are RSS feeds. What I did was set up a Queue for each account to receive blog posts from a variety of feeds within my niches. Each Queue has its own unique blend of feeds so that my Twitter accounts are not posting the same content. I went to great pains to find blogs that put out very good information – thus, my followers are always getting the best content.

The third type of content I use are monetized posts. This is where I share posts that have affiliate links contained in them. I have used many different types of monetization with my Twitter accounts. I find that I have earned more from straight affiliate links than any other type. When I say affiliate links, I’m talking about Commission Junction, Share A Sale, JVZoo, eBay, Amazon, etc.

The thing I really like about Social Oomph is the flexibility it has in setting up the content Queues. For instance, when I set up my monetized posts, I can use spintax so that my posts are unique every time they are posted. I might load 30 or so different posts which market different products, but each time a given post is posted, it is totally different from the last time it was posted.

This means I can cycle those posts forever … And it’s done automatically!

Let me summarize further how I do this:

1) Open up a professional account with Social Oomph. You can open a “Twitter Unlimited” account which is cheaper, but it can’t do everything I have described here. My professional account has paid for itself a dozen times over. The professional account also allows you to hook up many of your other social accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, LinkdIn, Blogger, etc. And they work great .. more on that in a later post

2) Put together a text file of quotes and load them into unique Queues. Set up a quote Queue for each Twitter account. I usually tweet 2-3 quotes every day to each account. I recycle all quotes back to the beginning for reposting at a later date.

3) Collect several quality RSS Feeds from blogs within your niche(s). Construct content Queues for each of your Twitter accounts. I set up each Twitter account to have its own blend of feeds. Since these posts are informative and helpful, I tweet them about once an hour or so to each account. I only tweet from 10am to 9pm. I DO NOT recycle these posts – I use them only once so the info is current and fresh.

4) Assemble a list of monetized posts with affiliate links. Use lots of spintax so that all posts will be unique. I post about 1-3 monetized posts each day – depending on how many I have. I recycle these posts back to the beginning.

Yes – setting these up is initially a lot of work. But once that’s done, you never have to worry about content to your Twitter accounts again. And best of all, you start earning some money from your monetized posts. As I keep building more followers, I keep getting more and more sales!

Now can you see how managing multiple Twitter accounts would be much easier when done this way?!?

Social Oomph – Discover how to manage hundreds of Twitter accounts easily and effortlessly.

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