The Key to Successful Social Media

the key to successful social mediaAs thousands struggle with creating their strong online presence, they tend to forget the key to successful social media. Most of us are fully aware of how social media has empowered and enabled a new level of creativity and culture. And we look upon this as simply a technological system that allows us to express ourselves in a somewhat public forum or platform.

These things are certainly true, but it is not the key to successful social media. The key to using social networking properly lies in the participation and engagement you get from your audience. Marketers that do very well with their social media marketing are also very good at soliciting lots of engagement on their social channels as well.

How the American Culture Shifted

During the early 1900s, Americans used to participate in more activities such as gathering to sing songs and play music together. Slowly they moved into the consumer mode where they gathered around things like the radio to listen to different musical artists. The end result was that Americans moved their attention away from sharing activities together in public to creating their own experiences within their own homes.

Another influential issue pertaining to the field of music was the advent of copyright laws. These laws were among the first to provide legal protection and safeguard the creativity business. This most certainly changed how we take part in the music experience. It certainly reduced the participation of the average citizen in music – to say the least.

Read and Write Culture

The amazing influence that social media has had on our culture is that all of us have voices now. We can even respond on the very same platform to the biggest celebrities and leaders in our society. Now granted, they probably won’t reply – but who to say whether or not they read our response.

Today’s technology has given us the ability and means to express ourselves on social media (and other places) in a variety of ways. We can use our creativity to design compelling images and videos to share on our social media channels. It is really incredible when you think about it. We now have the ability to communicate instantly with someone on the other side of the world. This ability is quite amazing.

Engagement – The Missing Link

So after we learn the skill of enhancing our abilities to express and market to others, we discover that social media is the perfect platform on which to do this. Many of us become satisfied and complacent at this point.

However, we are still missing the final link and the key to successful social media campaigns. And we are talking about engagement. Engagement is what validates that our audience is indeed consuming our daily posts and content. Engagement is what helps us solicit very valuable feedback and input from our customers.

We cannot let ourselves be content with creating awesome content – we have to ask who decided our content was awesome in the place? We have to find way to engage with our audience first. This is the key to successful social media marketing.

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